Broad experience,

reliability and trustworthiness



Herrera Merino is a law firm created through the merger of two firms with over 45 years of experience in legal service.

Since its beginning, Herrera Merino has been noted for giving its clients excellent legal counseling, implementing creative and effective solutions to solve highly complex problems regarding corporate, tax, labor, free competition, and conflict resolution topics.

The work carried out by Herrera Merino has always been based on a deep and detailed analysis of each case, their complete involvement in their clients’ issues, and their absolute availability to meet their requirements, delivering answers and solutions promptly and efficiently, resulting in a high level of satisfaction from their clients.

Consequently, Herrera Merino has managed to develop a high level of trust and satisfaction from their clients, who find in our firm an ally that will face each stage of their business in a trustworthy, strategic, and effective way.

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